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​FAITH is a powerful tool that is at your disposal anytime anywhere. FAITH is one of those things that you don't need anybody's approval to engage in. It is an interaction between God, The Father and you. When you place your FAITH in God, you are saying that you confidently trust, rely and lean on God as your source of strength, knowledge, and power.



I assume you ended up here because you've attended an event where I was the speaker or you may have seen my videos on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. I also assume that you know my mission is to help people come to know the love and power of God, through Christ.

I strongly believe in God, The Father / God, The Son (Jesus) / God, The Spirit (Holy Spirit).


Over the 20+ years that I've decided to trust God with my life, nothing prepared me for the TURNAROUND.


When you accept Christ, THINGS WILL CHANGE! Although, I couldn't always see it - things surely changed for the better and I have become a new creation in Christ. You can too!

There are 3000+ promises in the Bible waiting to be showered down on people who believe in Jesus.


Join me in studying the Bible and learning more and more about the True and Living God.

Tynisha Lewis

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