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31 Days To Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken

by Tynisha C. Lewis


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(Actual) Testimonials

Tynisha is truly a breath of life! She is personable, lights up the room with her love of God and her energy is infectious. She keeps it real, pours freely and wholeheartedly into the lives of others, and has a genuine desire to advance the Kingdom. I’m grateful to know her! ♥️



I love you.. and thank you ❤️ thank you for your seed and thank you for being you and showing up, You didn’t have to do anything of that but you blessed us and I’m so grateful. And thanks for being there for me ❤️🥺. Tynisha!!! Thank you so so so much for that ❤️. After setting boundaries sometimes people get offended and you know with family they’ve done so much for you throughout your life it’s like when you start managing time and telling people “hey I’m free between this time to that time” ... they get offended.. I’ve been exercising  my boundaries.. but people get offended. Coming into this (Clubhouse) room was such a blessing because girl!!! I was just crying about this, and I got some awesome tips, so I thank you, tremendously. 



Oh Sis, you are speaking to me right now on CH. I sowed seeds in my marriage & it wasn’t the right time. You got me crying



I just want to thank you for being the grounded woman of God you are. Waking up to hear the value you add every morning in The GottaBlessedLife Clubhouse Room has blessed me tremendously. The encouragement you provide and just being your authentic self is inspiring. Your convictions and willingness to speak and share what thus saith the Lord , to compel others to live a sold out life for God is truly honorable. Continue the great work because I and others, are thankful for your commitment and walk with God.  Keep inspiring us!

Love you Sis!!!



Tynisha is a remarkable woman of God! I came to know Tynisha a few months ago by association with the #gottablessedlife room on Clubhouse. Her voice is one of wisdom, she eloquently teaches the Gospel in a way that I am to receive it and apply it to my life. She has encouraged me and inspire my faith walk and for that I’m ever so grateful.



I wanted to share this testimonial about how positively you have and continue to impact my life. Since hearing you speak for the first time through the Gottablessedlife Clubhouse Room, you have definitely fed me spiritually on a whole other level. Your spiritual knowledge and insight has definitely continued to fuel me and nourish me to new levels. You are a spiritually powerful woman of God, who I would love to have as a prayer warrior any day in my life to help me battle against the ongoing spiritual warfare we are exposed to daily. Your love for God is undeniable, and you as a person are so rich in your truth, you help me to continue solidifying my own journey with God and also living in truth. You are a force of God for God for sure! Thank you for all you are doing and will continue to do, and thank God for creating you!


Ms. Lewis has been one of the best positive influences that I have had in my life! 

In this season, I am in the process of writing my book. And every writer knows that that is a process within itself! There are days where you want to write, and there are days where you don’t feel like writing. 

She listened to how I felt, and she constantly motivated me to keep writing; she offered suggestions of how to eliminate distractions, and reminded me of what my book can offer to so many people. 

Finding someone who genuinely wants you to win in life is so hard to find nowadays, because people want to compete with each other. But not her; she wants you to succeed, and she is always there to cheer you on for the big and little wins!

And the fact that she is now an author, makes ME so proud, and in that, is an inspiration for me to keep editing and promoting my book. So as she is proud of me, I am proud of her! And ya’ll go purchase her book.

Kayla #1


Tynisha has inspired and brought so much clarity into my life. I was really going through it emotionally and spiritually in my waiting season. She spoke with great power and gave me amazing advice which shifted my entire outlook. Also she’s definitely helped me become more confident. Hearing how free and confident she is has truly rubbed off if me. She is a whole vibe I truly appreciate her letting God use her as a vessel to change my life.


I’ve only came across Tynisha through clubhouse for about 2-3 months now and she has contributed so much light to my mornings. She provides kingdom values on another level. Truly anointed. She’s low key my auntie in my head 😭, I thank God for her, a true gem to kingdom.


You’re amazing. Thank you for that… sometimes I wonder, and I get discouraged, because I am chipping away. But I thank God for his technique.

I’ve always been bullied and pushed down. And I feel a stirring up in my spirit!!!! Please don’t stop teaching… I just got a chargeee in my spirit .. you’re SOOOOOO IMPORTANT…

My GOD… I have another fire under me right now 🔥🔓🔓🔓🔓



Tynisha, oh my goodness! Your insights in the Clubhouse room this morning were amazing and just what I needed to hear. Thank you! I followed you there and hear. I can’t wait to learn more from you and fellowship together for God’s kingdom.



I want to thank you for who you are. I met you on the Platform of Clubhouse, I just was in the room of GottaBlessedLife, you prayer for me and spoke into my life. Since crossing paths with you, You have a absolutely blessed my life! You rejuvenated and sent a electric charge to my life through your gift of being  a Woman of God. I’m so thank to you, I have even contacted you regarding need a little bit of personal advice and responded swiftly, you asked the thought provoking questions without being judgmental. I just want thank you for who you are and being a inspiration for me and too me! 

Blessing be unto you! 



Tynisha!! I feel like I need to express these words to you:

You are an amazing woman; the man for you is going to appreciate your jokes (because you are really funny, I giggle when you joke on stage), and He is going to be struck by your beauty from inside out. God has not forgotten about you, and He will continue to use you, and Bless not only you, but your son. Also, you are beautiful, you are an amazing mom, you are so talented, and you are needed in this world! That is all, for now, but I wanted to express that to you. You’re doing amazing. Nothing you do is in vain 💖💖 your transparency is healing for others. I am proud of you.


Then I saw this scrolling on fb and immediately thought of your message to me!!! TYNISHA!!! It’s truly the little things and I just wanted to THANK YOU again for the encouraging and powerful words!! The anointing on you is CRAZY and if my ENTIRE day was blessed from just a few kind words, can you even imagine how many REAL LIVES are going to be transformed from those called and connected to you?!? Sis!!! You better!!! 👏🏾❤️😭 I don’t even know you but I feel like I’m starting to from your platforms, and I can’t wait to see what awesome things God is going to do with you and your team!!! Insta’s not built for all the words so let me hop out your dm lol Seriously just couldn’t help but to share my praise report with you. Everything you went through to get here was not in vain, and for every tear you’ve cried is another soul being welcomed into the Kingdom ❤️ Keep Shining!!!!



My experience with you and the mind shifting experience was everything. You helped me to see what I need to improve and more. I am so grateful to even have spent time with you to discuss my goals. When ending the conversation with you I got a phone call from Dorri Chatman a lady at my church who agreed to me my spiritual mom and a client for her 3 daughters. I am truly blessed and I thank you for just spending time with me and I love the lord for always showing me favor. Thank you so much!

Kayla #2

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